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'Stars Over Texas TV', the 'Texas Red Dirt Video Music Channel' is a new innovative music video channel. Here, the best in country music videos and exclusive original content, the latest releases, artist interviews and more, comes every time you tune in. 'Texas Red Dirt Video Music Channel' launched on July 4, 2021 in Dumas, Amarillo TX. "Stars Over Texas" is the creation of radio veteran Chris Lash, whose parent company is "Whiplash Radio LLC."

WEL 105.5
Oldies, Country Music & The Best Music Of All Decades.
From A Dusty, Old Studio In The Scenic Heart Of Austria, This Is Carinthia´s One And Only, Country & Oldie Station.     
Remember that? There was once a small, but fine radio program at 105.5 on the dial that you could hear all over Carinthia, for a whole hour every Thursday -- and that for 3 years long until it fell victim to a program reform. ..
Now we are back, KWEL 105.5 lives again under its new call sign (for legal reasons) WEL 105.5.
Radio Cristall Country Welt - Webseite
Radio Cristall Country World - is Music without borders.
Welcome to our small musical world. The team of Radio Cristall welcomes all visitors very warmly.
Music knows no borders - music connects - music is passion.
Here the music is played 24 hours a day - around the clock from Berlin and Brandenburg in Germany.  
Start of the radio station " Country Welt " was on February-01-2019.
Dance Time In Texas
Dance Time In Texas is a weekly 1 Hour show with countdown of the top Texas Red Dirt songs filling dance floors. Hosted by DJ Mike (Mike Bilansky) from Montgomery, Texas. The show is sponsored by both the Texas Country Music Association and CDX Nashville..
Retro Country USA
Retro Country USA is 2 hours of the greatest Country hits of all time hosted by Big Steve Kelly. 80s and 90s based, Retro Country USA gives your station 2 hours of rock solid researched hits…no  fillers.
Weekly features include the "Retro Rewind"…a look back at a  particular year or artists featuring a hit song from that year and "Retro Country Classic"…just what the name implies.

Texas Dancehall Radio Show
The Texas Dancehall Radio Show is now a service of the Broadcast Radio Network.  It is a weekly, 2 hour show and is available FREE to any internet or terrestrial radio station in the world that would like to air the show.
Each week Kenny Schneebeli hosts the show. We play all the great music from 'Classic Country' , 'The Honky Tonk' to 'Western Swing' and everything in between.


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